CTRLshift Emergency Summit for Change

March 27 – 29 2018

This from the organisers:

We’re bringing together visionary organisations and individuals to create a powerful coherent voice and a collective action plan for radical, positive change in the UK.

  • By combining our organisations’ talents and visions we can shift control over our democracy, economy and environment, from Westminster and multinational corporations, to people and communities across Britain.
  • Creating a strong, organised, vocal alliance we have an unprecedented opportunity to control the massive shift the UK faces in a post-Brexit, social and ecological time of crisis.
  • It’s now or never to seize this moment and help radically redesign all our futures for the better.
  • Be part of the change, become a CTRLshifter.

Why is this summit crucial?

We are in a time of great uncertainty and unfolding crises

The social, economic and environmental failures of the current system are being cruelly exposed by rising inequality, social division, increasingly precarious and insecure employment, loss of biodiversity, accelerating climate change and the inability of an increasing number of people to meet their basic needs for good food and housing.

Another Britain already exists

Across Britain individuals, organisations and networks are working together to create a future that is inclusive, collaborative, and creates shared benefits. We are creating affordable housing, local food, renewable energy, sustainable transport, and alternative finance systems from the ground up. We have the research and policy proposals, campaigns and participatory processes to support them.

But we lack voice and coordination

Whilst many of the people working for a more participatory, inclusive and sustainable future share a set of values, and are working towards similar goals, our work remains fragmented and siloed. We have yet to demonstrate that we can bring together the different components we are each engaged in to create an alternative sustainable system, and our advocacy and policy work lacks voice and coordination. We struggle to work across identities of class, colour, culture, nationality, gender, politics and religion, even where we share the same values and aspirations for the future. In the departure from the European Union and its aftermath, there will be unprecedented opportunities to shape and influence the creation and direction of policy in the United Kingdom. Will our collective voice be heard, or will the alternatives we have developed be ignored?

Help us shape a positive post Brexit future

We believe that the best way to effect change is to bring together those working to reform the system with those actively building practical radical alternatives on the ground. We want to bring together activists, organisers, commoners and entrepreneurs to develop a shared agenda to shift power over our democracy, economy and environment, from Westminster and multinational corporations, to people and communities across Britain. By bringing these solutions together and mobilising people for local and regional action we believe we can make ‘taking back control’ a positive reality. This is long term work – over the two days we can develop new relationships, and identify mechanisms and opportunities to work together more closely. We envisage that this will be the start of a wider process, one of a series of connected events and activities that will work together to create real change. Our departure from the European Union is a moment of significant disruption and presents us with an unparalleled opportunity to reshape the future. We hope you will join us in that effort.

Practicalities and an invitation to get involved

The event will be run on a cost of service / non profit making basis. Attendance to the event will be mainly by invitation, with the intention to bring together an initial group of 200 people with the agency and potential to follow through. If you are interested to get involved, please contact Dan Hurring.

Initial co-organisers include:

The Alternative UK, Co-ops UK, Forum for the Future, People’s Food Policy, Shared Assets, Permaculture Association, Solidarity Economy Association, Social Enterprise UK, Stir Magazine, Unltd, Totnes REconomy Project, Transition Network, Shared Future CIC, Coop Business Consultants, The Low Impact Living Initiative, Counter Coin, Quantum Communications.

Why Wigan?

When plotting this event, the initial co-convenors were looking for a location in one of the many ‘Brexit Towns’ – those places that voted strongly for Brexit. Our reasoning is and was that many of these represent places left behind. By good fortune, we found that 2017 marked the 80th anniversary of George Orwell’s classic tome, The Road to Wigan Pier, which was itself a journey through the post-industrial heartlands of England. As it happens, most of those towns and cities Orwell toured through were also core Brexit voting areas which fitted perfectly with our intentions. We held our initial planning meeting with 20 organisations at The Old Courts in Wigan at the end of October 2017. Whilst there we also discovered that Gerrard Winstanley, the initiator of The Diggers Movement, was born and raised in the town, and that there is a thriving Wigan Diggers Festival to this day. His declaration ‘From the poor oppressed people of England’ seems a fitting backdrop to the work we wish to carry out in March 2018, over 400 years after his birth.

The Edge, Wigan

The Edge is the home of Today’s Community Church, Postcode Coffee House, The Edge Conferencing & The Edge Arena. Located right alongside Wigan Pier with easy access to the motorway network of North West England.  To contact The Edge directly about the venue itself, phone: 01942 244460.

Join us

We are looking to collaborate with:

  • Co-Organising Partners
  • Co-Convening Partners
  • Media Partners
  • Funding Partners

Contact Jay Tompt to find out more.

Some bursaries are available

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