Food, Farming & a 21st Renaissance: Oct 16-20 2017

Come and be inspired (leave your Brexit woes behind)! Join us at Schumacher College for this week-long course in October!  Bursaries available. BOOK HERE

This from Colin Tudge about the course                                                                       “We could be looking forward with real optimism to the next million years. But to achieve a world that is truly good to live in, for us and our fellow creatures, we need to rethink everything – beginning with food and farming.

Nothing is more important than agriculture!

The good news is that we already know enough to feed ourselves well. The bad news is that the governments, corporates, and intellectuals to whom we have entrusted our affairs, seem to have misconstrued the nature of the task and are pursuing strategies that are often the precise opposite of what’s required.

What we need is an Agrarian Renaissance – a democratic renaissance in which all humanity plays a part. We need ‘a people’s takeover of the world’s farming’, based on agroecology, food sovereignty and economic democracy. This may sound too daunting for words, but enough is going on around the world over to suggest it is already happening. The task is now to identify the ideas and initiatives that are truly helpful and build upon them.

All the necessary techniques are out there, and although much more research is needed, urgently, we already seem to have enough know-how to turn things round even at this late hour – not GM and neonicotinoids but with agroecology, rooted not in high tech but in truly modern biology.

The even better news is that a great many people worldwide are already showing what can be done – even in the present economy. We will look at one very instructive example near to Schumacher College: Whippletree Farm, a smallholding with vegetables, fruit, and livestock run by young, first-time farmers Lucy and Sam Henderson.

Geetie Singh of Riverford at the Duke of Cambridge organic pub and Riverford Field Kitchen will explore how “real” farming, sound nutrition and the best ever cuisine go hand in hand; Ed Hamer will lay out the Landworkers’ Alliance’s vision for farming beyond Brexit; Stephan Harding and Tim Crabtree (Schumacher College) will look at the science, morality, metaphysics, and economics that we need, and the positive impact they can have on our future.”

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