Bird flu – who’s to blame?

According to Rob Wallace, advisor to the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy contrary to government departments and big industry it’s not wildfowl that are to blame but the “economic model at the heart of industrial poultry production”.

There is a “growing literature of scrupulously documented science [which] is showing alarming trends that are beyond the control of agribusiness-funded research. . . . All the new strains —H5N2, H5N3, H5N5, H5N6, H5N8, and H5N9, together called H5Nx. .descendants of the H5N1 subtype that first emerged in China in 1997 and since 2003 has killed 452 people. . . are increasingly influenzas adapted to intensively raised poultry”.

His blog on the subject, published on January 24 2017 can be read here

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