Maple Field Milk – Fairy Tale Farms

We are starting our first introductory course to the whole complex job of milk processing, sales, and distribution.  Please come along and learn from our three-year stint at the coal-face of the fresh milk business.  The course runs on 1st October and  22nd October. 15 places on each. Hurry while stocks last. Delicious lunch by the Ministry of Food from our own village.

Can’t believe………..can’t believe it’s not real butter!  Tesco (and other retailers) have dreamt up some ‘fairy tale farms’.  Next ‘open farm Sunday’ ask your nearest Tesco branch manager to kindly direct you to WILLOW FARM.  It appears brightly on their food packets. It is a ghost. It does not exist. It is a marketing ‘slight-of-hand’.  What do they take us for? This is the sort of nonsense we expose and talk about on the milk rounds. The knowledge is out. We want more milk rounds – more knowledge.  We need to strip away the ludicrous falsehoods surrounding our food supply.  Tesco would love a brand like  MAPLE FIELD MILK presenting absolute ‘local’………..but they can’t have one.  So they make it up.

The cows are mooching across a new piece of pasture with chicory looking like a crop of early kale. In one corner we have fenced off a section to watch the sainfoin, clover and  chicory actually flower.  When they do flower it is highly dramatic and tall. The flower spikes of chicory are as tall as me. They are abundant and sky-blue. This perennial plant is thrusting downwards to the chalk bedrock.  It brings up trace elements not seen since the Eocene era. Our cows are lunching on locked-up Eocene sea creatures.

The two-berth milking bail would not look out of place at the Great Dorset Steam Fair.  Not because of its age – it is brand new; but because of its mechanical simplicity.  You can watch its moving parts close-up. You can see the cow undergoing the daily ritual of milking. Children can get quite close to the action and more easily understand the system.

This week we bought 50 new milk crates; some new silicone tubing; a new alternator for the HLV and we have hit upon the ultimate Cow Bond investment package that will have Hedge Fund managers scrambling over and through our Enclosure Act hedges to get a slice of the action.

Nick Snelgar

September 22 2016

The Course outline and how to book can be found here

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