Pease Pudding

This recipe comes from my friend Andy Chastney, who describes it as “Northern Style”, on account of the use of ginger beer.  I’m not sure whether cooking ham in ginger beer is in fact a Northern tradition but it certainly made the most delicious Pease Pudding I have ever tasted.  A worthy British rival to hummus.

Ham or gammon joint

Ginger Beer


Bay leaf


A couple of cloves

A few Cardamom pods

Yellow split peas, soaked overnight

Begin the night before by soaking the yellow split peas in water.  Cook the ham in ginger beer with the added flavourings, retaining the cooking liquor to make the Pease pudding.

To make the pudding, put the drained peas into a pan and cover with enough of the liquor (including some of the onion, spice and a bit of the fat) to cover the peas by an inch.  Simmer slowly until all of the thin liquid has gone and the peas are very soft – this will take about an hour and a half.  Add a knob of butter and leave to cool for 10 minutes before liquidising.  Pour straight into a dish where it will set to form Pease pudding.

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