The economics of small scale farming

Barbara Ward had this to say — back in 1973 (part of her acceptance speech as the National Audubon Medalist, at the National Audubon Society’s Annual Dinner:

“The profound moral issue is that all the solutions that do exist demand from us an end to many of our favourite bad habits. … The kind of research and technology needed for ecologically sane, labour-intensive farms and for decentralized towns and markets is small, patient, inter-connected, respectful of fragilities, temperate in its energy use. It is not the big bang-bang stuff. It does not “break through”: it connects. The economics of small scale farming is not a drive for economic growth at all costs, concentrating wealth and high investment, increasing the gap between rich and poor. It is on the contrary, the economics of cooperation, of participation, of greater equality and the building up of a million small achievements.”

—Excerpted from the library of Joan Gussow, Educator, Grower,
This Organic Life and Growing Older.

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