One thought on “Martin Peck’s farm in Powys, Montgomeryshire

  1. Happy New Year!
    My name is Claire Kirby and I come from a farming family in the Lincolnshire Fens. I am very interested in what you do at The Campaign for Real Farming.
    I am attempting to organise a sustainable farming evening for my family. It is a potential opportunity to access some people who are quite influential in conventional farming in the area. I am hopeful that a member of your organisation would be interested in presenting something about who you are and what you do to the family. It will essentially be a private talk and I am hoping that it will take place in late February/early March in Lincolnshire (near Spalding). We will be able to provide reasonable expenses; food and overnight accommodation (B&B) should that prove necessary.
    For a bit of background my Grandfather was an arable farmer in the Lincolnshire silt fen near Spalding for many years and his Father before him. My Uncles now run the farm with a Manager and again have been doing so for many years. They are a very successful business too! They now own 1200 acres and grow wheat, potatoes, celeriac, chicory, onions, an early daffodil variety and I’m not sure what else!
    My Brother and I, whilst not directly involved in the farm, feel that we have an affinity and shared history with the land. We grew up in a house right next to the yard. We have also grown up as committed environmentalists and recently we’ve been talking about ‘doing something’ to encourage our Uncles to farm more sustainably. They appear keen on the evening; in part I’m sure to humour us but also because they know that what they are doing is not sustainable, they also feel backed into a corner by the supermarkets. I’m sure that if they could see another way of going forward that is possible, sustainable, viable and economic they would consider it.
    The Lincolnshire Fens and the farming thereof is unique and any one that we would get to speak would need to have an understanding of the soil, the climate and the agriculture that goes on there. Our family know that they have some fantastic land and soil and feel a responsibility maximize their yields in the light of potential crisis in the world food supply.
    We have spoken to our Uncles, Mum, Aunties and Cousins about a ‘sustainable farming’ evening for the family. They are all really quite interested, enthusiastic and prepared to give it a go, indeed, some of their friends are also showing an interest!
    If you are interested in getting involved please get in touch and we can have a chat about it all.
    I look forward to hearing from you
    Yours sincerely
    Claire Kirby

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