To Cull or Not To Cull

David Cameron it seems has yet another awkward situation on his hands.  He has to decide in the next couple of days whether to give the go-ahead to badger-culling in an effort to stop the spread of bovine TB in cattle.  Lord Krebs — so the Independent says — has now joined the list of scientists who think badger culling a mistake.

One thought on “To Cull or Not To Cull

  1. Authors on the website conclude that the government has ‘done little to determine the consequence of the existing … policy’ which it says involves ‘an even greater number of people and animals’ and is a ‘bureaucratic nightmare’. So, if human health is no longer the issue, what is behind the drive to get rid of bTB, other than for the the UK to maintain its ‘TB free status’ to protect the agricultural industry’s cattle exports? To consider alternatives a new group RETHINK Bovine TB ( has been established. In the document Bovine TB, time for a rethink bTB policy in England is examined and ‘radical and cost effective’ solutions are put forward with the favoured approach being a testing regime only directed at cattle showing visible symptoms of the disease, with vaccination being available for farmers to use if they wish. This approach would clearly save badgers, cattle, farmers and money and in my view should be the focus of lobbying to both the farming industry and respective governments in the UK as well as the EU. A new campaign for 38 Degrees perhaps? (I have suggested it to them)

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