Our Associates

This page is a directory of people around the country doing all sorts of interesting things. Some of them are contributors to this site. Keep an eye on this page as it develops, and if you would like to be featured here please get in touch.

Tim Waygood at Church Farm

Bob Orskov and the Orskov Foundation

Martin Wolfe at Wakelyns Farm

Nick Snelgar of Future Farms

Matt Dale – North Aston Dairy

Jocelyn Jones and World Family

3 thoughts on “Our Associates

  1. I teach people to grow food and work with projects that are part of my local authority driven community growing plans. I live in an agricultural stronghold – north Lincolnshire on a 2 acre smallholding.
    I also write in the county magazine and talk – whenever I get the opportunity – on the subject.

  2. Hi,
    We are building a website called http://www.foodchaindatabase.org on which we are listing the details of companies (maily listed ones) which are involved in the human foodchain from agricultural inputs, right through to groceries. The aim is to help companies with sustainable offerings to promote themselves, and to eventually direct investors who are aware of the global food crisis, towards companies which are part of the solution.
    Feel free to contact me for more info.
    Michael Ekaette

  3. I am an environmental artist and co founder of the arts led food waste campaign This is Rubbish. I am committed to bridge building, active listening and bringing people together on the common cause of local, transparent and stable quantities of food production. The work of This is Rubbish is participatory, inclusive and based in practical action. You can see more about our work here


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