An Agrarian Renaissance Starts in Hertfordshire

Tim Waygood believes that our current system of farming — geared to supply supermarkets which now supply around 85% of what we eat — is in urgent need of change. So at Church Farm in Hertfordshire he’s now creating an alternative. Radio 4’s ‘On Your Farm’ (May 9) interviewed Tim about his farm and his ideas.

Here’s the full interview

One thought on “An Agrarian Renaissance Starts in Hertfordshire

  1. Count me in. I’m not a farmer (well confirmed by my depressing little veggie patch) but I’ve read ‘So Shall We Reap’ and I’m on a sharp learning curve. I want a future where my son can afford to feed his family good, healthy, clean food, sustainably/humanely produced, so I’d be very pleased to join you in this campaign.

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