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A British Halloween

I’ve come to hate Halloween with the adoption of American traditions such as Trick or Treat. If you have children you will find it hard to fight against, but perhaps reintroducing some of our own traditions will help. Read on

Mid-Season Apples

The 2013 Apple Harvest is approximately three weeks behind, so what can we expect of the mid-season apples now available? Read on

Herb of the Month – Sage

Why would anyone use dried Sage? It smells and tastes musty whilst the fresh leaves are available all year round. If there is one thing that I hope this article will achieve it is to persuade you to throw away any jars of the dried herb that you might be harbouring and plan instead where you will plant a bush in the spring. Read on

Minding your P’s and Q’s….how to get the best from Pears and Quince

That there is some relationship between the pear and the quince is obvious from their shape, but whilst the quince has to be cooked to render it edible, a perfectly ripe and juicy pear eaten raw is a delightful, if somewhat rare, experience. Read on

Bread Update

In March I wrote about the benefits of long fermentation on the flavour and digestibility of bread. Since that time I am pleased to report on some welcome new developments in the Bread world that make it easier to avoid additives aimed at speeding up fermentation. Read on

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