A British Halloween I’ve come to hate Halloween with the adoption of American traditions such as Trick or Treat. If you have children… read more
Local Apples I can’t think of a better example of the need for local food supplies than apples. As I write, in… read more
Truly Seasonal Blackberries Today, 1st October is Devil Spit Day, the day when the Devil spits on blackberries making them no longer fit… read more
Apples…a Seasonal Approach Picked early and stored a state of suspended animation, British apples can also be offered year round. No wonder we… read more
British Walnuts A fundamental principle of the Campaign for Real Farming is to use British produce as far as possible and import… read more
Herb of the Month – Sage Why would anyone use dried Sage? It smells and tastes musty whilst the fresh leaves are available all year round.… read more
Mid-Season Apples The 2013 Apple Harvest is approximately three weeks behind, so what can we expect of the mid-season apples now available? read more
Bread Update In March I wrote about the benefits of long fermentation on the flavour and digestibility of bread. Since that time… read more
Fungi – an essential cook’s ingredient The ability to forage for wild food is an essential survival technique, but cultivated fungi will also have an important… read more
Minding your P’s and Q’s….how to get the best from Pears and Quince That there is some relationship between the pear and the quince is obvious from their shape, but whilst the quince… read more

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