Herring Recipes The opportunity to eat fresh herring is quite limited, you will need to ask your fishmonger when they are usually available in your part of the country, but here in the south-west it is usually November. When the opportunity does arise, the traditional recipe fried, in oatmeal, is hard to beat.  Both male and female herring have roe and although both are edible, it is the soft male roe, known as milt, that is usually preferred to the hard, female roe.  I give a rich, 18th century recipe for these below but they can be more simply served fried on toast having first dusted the roes in flour – spiced with cayenne if you desire. Finally, I give a recipe… read more
PERFECT ROAST PHEASANT (or Partridge) There is only one secret to roasting a pheasant perfectly – use a terracotta brick. I know chicken bricks are terribly old fashioned, in fact it is quite hard to find one nowadays. They were relevant in the days when chicken too were truly free range with very little fat. Do invest in one if you intend to roast game regularly. read more
Winter Squash Recipes Recipes for Pumpkin Soup, Ravioli, Gnocchi, Gratin plus a Spaghetti Squash Bolognese from Annie Levy. read more
Stir-up-Sunday Stir up Sunday, the Sunday closest to St. Andrew's Day (30th November), is traditionally the day on which Christmas Puddings are made. Personally I like to give my puddings longer to mature, but Stir up Sunday is a good time to make mincemeat and, if you haven't already done so, your Christmas Cake. read more
Venison Recipes General tips for cooking venison with recipes for Roast Saddle of Roe or Fallow Deer with Medlar Jelly, Fried Venison Loin Chops or Steaks with Pontack Sauce, Roast Haunch of Venison with Fruity Wine Sauce, Venison Casserole with Chestnut Gnocchi. read more
Bay Recipes Conger eel with Potatoes and Bay and Fresh Bay Custard to serve with apples. read more
Pumpkins – beyond Halloween As soon as Halloween is over the price of pumpkins comes right down.  Once cut squash do not keep, so cook it all and then used the leftovers in one of the following dishes. Pumpkins, and other squashes, make a wonderful soup.  The amount of liquid required will vary depending on the type of squash used - Crown Prince, for example, has a great strength of flavour but is quite dry in texture.  At its most simple, you could just purée leftover roast squash and thin it down with stock or even water.  Pumpkin is however at the more watery end of the squash spectrum, especially the larger ones, so the following recipe includes a little flour. Pumpkin Soup 1½… read more
Fireside Teas Recipes for Roast Chestnuts, Drop Scones, Crumpets (or Pikelets), English Muffins and Yorkshire Teacakes read more
A Partridge in a Pear Tree A Partridge in a Pear Tree – the association between partridge and pear is represented here by serving a honey roast pear as an accompaniment. The other flavours used in this dish can be varied somewhat depending on what is most readily available, but I have furthered the orchard theme by stuffing the partridge with quince and finishing the sauce with a crab apple Verjuice. read more

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