Truly Wild Deer In 2012 I wrote here about the irony that despite large parts of the country being over-run by wild deer,… read more
Herring Herring are a pelagic fish, that is they swim in huge shoals.  This characteristic plays a huge part in their… read more
Good Game Where does game fit, as regards both sustainability and good eating? To answer this I think we first have to… read more
Winter Squash Winter Squash come in a variety of shapes and sizes although it is the giant Jack O'Lantern which we commonly… read more
Traditional British Jam Traditional British Jam is the latest endangered product. Will the changes to our Jam Regulations cause confusion or could they… read more
Going Wild for Venison Despite the fact that in most of the UK wild deer are a pest, in 2010 the UK imported 1000… read more
Herb of the month – Bay Owing to its frequent use in combination with other herbs and flavourings, the characteristics of Bay are not always clearly… read more
Fireside Cooking Britain has rediscovered the benefits of cooking over an open fire and putting away the barbeque for the winter needn't… read more

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