Cucina Povera I’ve chosen the Italian term for the cooking of the poor because it conveys a deserved level of respect, and… read more
British Asparagus It seems astonishing that only 15 years ago asparagus was something of a rarity in the UK, eaten by less… read more
May Fairs May 1 used to have far more significance than it does nowadays.  The Celts called it Beltane and celebrated with… read more
Elderflowers In warm sheltered areas the first elderflowers are now out and if you want to make elderflower cordial you should… read more
Raising Agents in Cakes Everyone seems to be baking during lockdown and whilst all flours are hard to come by, I have noticed people… read more
Ginger and Gingerbread In medieval times ginger was as common in savoury dishes as in sweet, although it is in the latter that… read more
Picnic Fare That it can be easily eaten and transported are two essential criteria for perfect picnic food. Some of Britain's best… read more
Tasting Hogget Hogget has a greater depth of flavour than lamb and reflects the pasture on which it has grazed. At a… read more
Salad Days The time has come for us to re-invent the British Salad - based on fresh home-grown ingredients. Digging back into… read more
Real Bread Maker Week Some sound hints and tips for making better bread issued by The Real Bread Campaign. read more

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