Lambing Time Pasture for Life celebrated its 10th year this month.  Over those 10 years, the certification scheme has greatly advanced understanding… read more
Take Time to make Good Bread The Chorleywood Bread-making Process, developed in 1961, cut bread fermentation time from three hours to about as many minutes. But… read more
Anchovies Despite their tiny size, cured anchovies make a tremendous contribution to the taste of a dish making them especially valuable… read more
Trifle There are many different types of trifle recipes. If you grew up with the version that contained tinned fruit, packet… read more
Real Chocolate There has been a real growth in understanding about the difference between quality chocolate and mass-produced poseurs so make sure… read more
Learning to Love Cabbage At this time of year, when we are still eagerly awaiting the first new vegetables of spring, having plenty of… read more
THE ABSOLUTE IMPORTANCE OF UPLAND MUTTON In the Middle Ages Britain’s wealth was founded on the wool trade and even today we have far more sheep… read more
Herb of the Month – Thyme I’ve chosen thyme as this month’s herb because although there are some new arrivals as the weather warms up, e.g.… read more
The Great British Banger Sausages are a much loved part of our British Food Heritage and a good way for producers to add value… read more
Back to the future for Grain? From the days when Britain was the granary of the Roman Empire we have moved to a time when our… read more

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