This month’s recipes
The Home Dairy: Storing Raw Milk, Souring Milk/Cream, Making Curd Cheese, Using Whey, Sour Milk and Buttermilk, Making Butter, Scones, Soda Bread, Honey and Saffron Cheesecake.

Mint: Tabbouleh (parsley and mint salad), tzatziki, fresh pea and mint soup, mint sauce; Black Mitcham Peppermint sorbet and Fresh Peppermint Chocolate Truffles.

Strawberries: with syllabub, whole strawberry conserve.

Broad Beans: Chilled Broad Bean Soup; Broad Bean and Feta Dip; Broad Bean, Mint and Feta Frittata.

British Garlic: Chimichurri

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