Currants – black, red and white This article is very much for gardeners as you will find it difficult to buy redcurrants and nigh impossible to… read more
Our Gooseberry Heritage Each year, on the first Tuesday in August, the oldest surviving gooseberry show takes place at Egton Bridge in North… read more
A Taste of Scotland Scotland demonstrates a sense of place in its food that is far less evident in England. read more
Whortleberries, a foragers reward After fungi, Whortleberries are my favourite foraged food. Difficult and hazardous to gather, the reward is something that money can't… read more
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Herb of the Month – Calendula How one young couple took their first steps into farming and the magical healing properties of Calendula. read more
Oily Fish – Are you getting enough? You may have noticed that my food articles don’t contain too many health claims.  There is so much conflicting advice… read more

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