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Food Culture articles explore the nature of British ingredients – how they are produced, their history in our food culture and how and where to obtain the best.

Herb of the month – Sorrel

The sour, lemony flavour of sorrel has been appreciated in Britain at least since Roman times and is the first herb of the year around which I can deliver the “dinner of herbs” promised at the outset of this series. Read on

Regional Baking for Easter

In Easter Biscuits we can see some of the clearly defined regional preferences that have largely been blurred by commercial food production and countrywide distribution. Read on

Taking Stock of UK Dairy Farming in 2019

A system that has seen milk reduced to a mere commodity will inevitably see it traded as such. A complete change is required to persuade the younger generation to buy dairy. Read on

The Joys of The Table

Against the worthy backdrop of all that was discussed at The Real Farming Conference it is almost apologetically that I tell you that my food resolution for 2019 relates to how I set the table, but please indulge me! Read on

A British Halloween

I’ve come to hate Halloween with the adoption of American traditions such as Trick or Treat. If you have children you will find it hard to fight against, but perhaps reintroducing some of our own traditions will help. Read on

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