Tony Juniper talks at Church Farm, Ardley, on December 4th

‘Harmony: A New Way of Looking at Our World’

Tim, Emma, Adrian and the team at Church Farm invite you to join them for afternoon tea and scones followed by a talk and book signing byTony Juniper – co-author with Prince Charles of “Harmony: A new way of looking at our world” on Saturday 4th December from 4pm – 6pm.

Harmony tells the story of how our disconnection from Nature has contributed to the greatest crisis in the history of mankind and how seeking balance in our actions will return us to a more considered, secure, comfortable and cleaner world.The authors draw on many examples including Church Farm.

Tony Juniper is a campaigner, writer, sustainability adviser and a well-known British environmentalist.

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International Coalition to Protect the Polish Countryside: 10th Anniversary Seminar


November 20 – 22, Stryszow, Malopolska

Poland has a unique countryside – with very rich wild nature, beautiful landscapes, cultural traditions and many generations of farmers who love their work. It’s a national treasure. However decisions made in Brussels over the past decade have dramatically degraded the life and quality of the Polish countryside and its food. The protection of the natural wealth and diversity of the countryside and the food security of the nation is a vital issue for Poland, but so it is for all countries. In order to help realize the goal of protecting our countryside and food chain, we created in November 2000 the International Coalition to Protect the Polish Countryside (ICPPC). The coalition was initiated by 41 organizations from 18 countries.

Now we are inviting you to join us in celebrating this event and sharing your thoughts and ideas about the future of ‘real food and farming’ in your country as well.

You will find this a special occasion! A great chance to try delicious Polish countryside foods – traditional and organic. Participate in a lively session of POLISH TRADITIONAL SONGS AND DANCE and
take-in a VISIT TO LOCAL FAMILY FARMS, as well as explore ECOCENTRE ICPPC.

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