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Gove and the Great Ministerial Tradition

A rant from Colin Tudge The appointment of Michael Gove as Secretary of State for The Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (agriculture is in there somewhere) continues the British tradition … Read on

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Ecological Land Co-operative’s Share Offer: Last chance to invest

There’s just one week to go to invest in the Ecological land Cooperatives The community share offer to raise investment in affordable farms for new entrants to #farming. You can … Read on

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Conference Announcement: London October 5 & 6 2017

Extinction and Livestock: Moving to a flourishing food system for wildlife, farm animals and us. Compassion in World Farming in partnership with WWF are holding an international conference this autumn not … Read on

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What the Oxford Real Farming Conference is really all about

The absolute importance of being radical By Colin Tudge The Oxford Real Farming Conference (ORFC) has become more popular than anyone could reasonably have expected, or indeed hoped. Eight-hundred-and-fifty different … Read on

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DEFRA advertising new policy advisor posts for food, farming. This could be you!

25 news posts are going at HEO level Applications by June 8 2017 This from the job description This is a tremendously exciting time to join Defra, which is at … Read on

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Let’s start the world all over again

Colin’s first weekly blog about the College for Real Farming and Food Culture It’s obvious from all that’s happening that the world has lost its bearings. Not only is it … Read on

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For sustainability, growth, environment let’s talk of love, conviviality and the planet

This week’s Start the Week (BBC Radio 4 May 1) with Wendell Berry, Paul Kingsnorth and Kate Raworth could make you think there’s hope for us all. . .

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Farming is far too important to leave to governments

As we build towards yet another election Colin Tudge suggests that it’s time for a little honesty I think I’d vote for any party in the coming election that took … Read on

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Select Committee report on food waste: is Neil Parrish MP suggesting we bring back swill?

Chair of the Select Committee on Environment Food and Rural Affairs, Neil Parrish MP, commenting on their new report Food Waste in England (published April 30 2017), had this to say … Read on

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Nature Plants on use of pesticides and arable productivity and profitability

Martin Lechenet, Fabrice Dessaint, Guillaume Py, David Makowski and Nicolas Munier-Jolain from the National Institute for Agricultural Research (INRA) and Agrosolutions in France recently published a research letter in Nature Plants (March 1 2017, … Read on

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