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The Agroecology (Food Security) Bill

URGE YOUR MP TO SUPPORT THE AGROECOLOGY (FOOD SECURITY) BILL Following the State Opening of Parliament and the Queen’s speech on June 4, the Agroecology Alliance, of which our own … Read on

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Our Associates

This page is a directory of people around the country doing all sorts of interesting things. Some of them are contributors to this site. Keep an eye on this page … Read on

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For all those engaged in food sovereignty and local food issues, this calendar provides you with a directory of events across the UK.  If you agree with the 6 Principles … Read on

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Making Stock

People seem to think that making stock takes hours, well the cooking does, but not your involvement in it. It really only needs 5 minutes of your time but will provide you with the basis for another meal. If the cooking time is a problem for you on the day you have a carcass to use, just freeze it and then make stock on a day when you will be around. I often do freeze the carcass anyway and then make a larger batch of stock when I have two or three. This is especially useful if your bird did not come with giblets as you have less flavour available from one carcass. However even a single carcass will make a light stock suitable for a vegetable soup or risotto.
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Potatoes: Sustaining Staple of Gourmet Gem?

This article by Silvija Davidson came about through an exchange of emails between her and Suzanne Wynn, following our Oxford Real Farming Conference. They were discussing the issues that the … Read on

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The Seriously Bad Ideas that are Killing us all

The world is dominated by a shortlist of ideas that serve the present powers-that-be as dogmas and as algorithms — universal formulae to solve all problems. All of these ideas are unsound and deeply damaging, argues Colin Tudge. Read on

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