First Earlies In terms of vegetables, April is a transitional month.  The very last of the winter vegetables begin to shoot, a… read more
Regional Baking for Easter In Easter Biscuits we can see some of the clearly defined regional preferences that have largely been blurred by commercial… read more
Home Cooking 2020 I am always firm in describing myself as a “Home Cook” rather than a chef.  There is a world of… read more
Seasonality Seasonality in food is the very foundation of sustainable eating and trying to predict when a food will be at… read more
Herb of the month – Sorrel The sour, lemony flavour of sorrel has been appreciated in Britain at least since Roman times and is the first… read more
Easter Menu Upland Mutton, British Ricotta and Wild Greens are my choice ingredients for Easter Sunday this year. read more
The Grass Beneath Your Feet The quality of grass may not be something that you have ever really considered yet this is the main determinant… read more
Watercress – a herald of Spring Although now sold year round watercress remains a herald of Spring - how to choose and use. read more
Could we be making more of Barley? Malting Barley for brewing has been a real success story in British agriculture, yet Barley used also to be of… read more
The Warminster Malt-Stars Does the enthusiasm shown by the young men working at Warminster Maltings contain lessons that could be applied across the… read more

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