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If you think we cannot continue with farming in unsustainable ways, which damage the environment and provide us with unhealthy food, please take action and write to your MP.

The Bill has three chances of being debated in Westminster:

  • As a Private Member’s Bill in the Commons
  • As a Ten Minute Rule Bill
  • As a Private Member’s Bill in the Lords

Read more on Private Members’ Bills on the Parliament website

The Private Members Bill ballot will be on 12th June 2014.

So please contact your MP now. Even if your MP intends to table another Bill at the ballot, you can still ask him/her to support the Agroecology Bill if tabled by another MP, so the numbers build up.

By asking for your MP support, they will have to make a choice, researching the issues involved. Even if the Bill does  not get to influence legislation at this stage, the profile of agroecology would be raised in Parliament, and help us in our continued advocacy efforts.


It’s very easy to contact your MP. It only takes 3 steps!

  1. Go to and enter your postcode: loads of information about your MP will appear on screen, including their topics of interest.
  2. Click on the icon “Send a message”. You can draft your own text or adapt the one we provide below. Please note identical messages could be blocked, so add your personal touch!
  3. Complete with your contact details so the MP can reply to you, review your text and away  the message goes!

Draft Letter to MPs on the Agroecology (Food Security) Bill

Dear name,

I am writing to ask your support for the Agroecology (Food Security) Bill in the upcoming Private Member’s Bill (PMB) ballot.

It has been prepared to help produce a food and farming system able to meet the needs of today’s and indeed of future generations: resilient in the face of future uncertainties.

The current food production system is not resilient: supply chains are too long and lack transparency and the agricultural practices we have adopted are damaging our soils, wildlife and the environment, reflecting on the nation’s health.

Scientific advancement in farming applies ecological principles to food production, providing innovative, evidence-based answers to the concerns of many of your constituents – food security, climate change, flooding, droughts, biodiversity loss, public health and animal welfare.

Agroecology has been declared by a number of scientists (notably the UN/World Bank IAASTD researchers and those that followed in their wake) to be the best way to produce not just enough food to feed the growing world population, but the right food for human health – and without breaching the planetary limits.

The Bill proposes that the UK Government develop a strategy for achieving an orderly transition to sustainable agroecological methods of food production. It would apply to policies in England and to UK overseas policies as promoted by Defra, DFID and BIS.

I urge you to support the Agroecology (Food Security) Bill by:

  • agreeing to put your name forward for the Private Members’ ballot once it opens
  • adopting the Bill if you are lucky enough to be drawn high in the ballot
  • attending readings of the Bill should it be adopted and tabled by another MP

A copy of the draft Bill can be downloaded at along with a number of briefings about the many issues covered by the Bill.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,


The Bill was drafted by the Agroecology Alliance and supported by:

  • Campaign for Real Farming
  • Compassion in World Farming
  • Friends of the Earth England Wales and Northern Ireland
  • Organic Research Centre
  • Permaculture Association
  • The Soil Association,
  • War on Want
  • World Society for the Protection of Animals


Should your MP choose to continue correspondence and raise issues, the short briefings available on the website are there to assist you.  But please get in touch and ask us for any further help you need.

We would be very grateful if you could send us any replies you receive so we can build up a list of MPs who are and are not in support of the Bill.

Following the PMB ballot we will contact all MPs who are drawn in the top ten to ask them to adopt the Bill and publish more information on this website so you can continue to support the Bill.


info at campaignforrealfarming dot org

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  1. Dear Colin,

    I am organising talks at the XR Farmers site outside DEFRA on Marsham Street as part of the 7-20 October Extinction Rebellion in London. If you would like to give a talk or lead a discussion related to farming or food, let me know
    We have 6 slots/day, every day. So plenty of opportunities to explore as many subjects as you wish.

    To progress this, please think through your talk(s)/QaA and let me know: 
    – Title
    – Short description (2 lines will do )
    – Type: talk, discussion, Q&A, demonstration, etc
    – Which days/ times you may be available
    – And your/speaker’s mobile number (and name if not you) in London for contact
    I will then allocate you a time slot on the XR Farmers site. We will also swap talks with Lambeth Bridge if you wish to give each talk more than once.
    I aim to finalise the XR Farmers timetable by Tuesday / Wednesday

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