BeyondHERE webinars start next week (October 26)

The BeyondHere fellowship series is back with a new Autumn/Winter webinar programme that connects UK communities with inspiring international initiatives and approaches from other parts of the world.

Running from 26 October – 30 November facilitators from six global cities will share their place-based experience to explore new models of democratic working, local economic development, systems change, and education.

The series will include

+ Study Groups & Local Co-op Development
+ Impact Capital & the Growth of Employee Ownership
+ The Future of Organisational Design
+ Barefoot Lawyers & the Environment
+ Make your own Distributed Co-operative Organisation (DisCO)

NB For those of you who are fans of Ivan Illich – one of the most radical thinkers of the late 20th century, this webinar presented by Dougald Hine (co-founder of Dark Mountain and a school called HOME) will tell the story of his journey into the world of Illich’s friends and co-conspirators, how their work contributed to movements from Asset-Based Community Development to the Zapatistas, and how it can nourish the work of regenerative culture today.

To book your place go to

Fully funded places are also available – there are about 20 left.  To apply go here


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