The radical toadstool


One thought on “The radical toadstool

  1. Vandana Shiva – Two Paths to the Future of Food and Farming – EcoFarm 2020 Keynote….I highly recommend this recent talk Colin, she is just brilliant, on top form, covering all the radical bases! A veritable tour de force ~ While on the fantastic fungi front, I have been using horse manure in my small (wild) garden for quite a while here in Hartland, N Devon and after bringing in a new batch the year before last, was delighted to witness a miraculous flush of beautiful purple Blewitts springing up; a wondrous gift that seems to just keep giving….simple pleasures like this, the sheer delight of abundant bee vitality and happy birds are so life affirming and mesmeric….& yet, it has taken the alarming power of a tiny viral agent to remind us of all this, through the poignancy of its relentless tragic impact & more strangely, the awful necessity of its ecologically apposite emergence.

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