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Insane Food Trade

This from Local Futures: “The global food economy is destroying life around the world. When it comes to resistance, buying local is a start, but it’s important to understand how … Read on

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Broiler chickens a “distinct and characteristic new morphospecies ….[that] symbolizes the unprecedented human reconfiguration of the Earth’s biosphere.”

See this research article by Carys E. Bennett, Richard Thomas, Mark Williams, Jan Zalasiewicz, Matt Edgeworth, Holly Miller, Ben Coles, Alison Foster, Emily J. Burton and Upenyu Marume in Royal Society Open Science 12 December 2018, abstract as follows: “Changing … Read on

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Defra Ministers Question Time March 29 2019: public invited to submit questions

Questions must be submitted by 12pm Wednesday March 20 2019 Press release: On Wednesday 27 March, the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee will hold evidence sessions with all ministers from … Read on

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Shared Assets survey of land users

This from Shared Assets “We know there are organisations out there pioneering new ways of managing land and creating shared benefits while they do so. We call these organisations common good … Read on

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Food, Farms and Metaphysics: The Great Re-think

Join Colin Tudge, Jyoti Fernandes, Tim Gorringe and Ruth West for a short course at Schumacher College this May (20-24) to “re-assess all the big ideas we take for granted … Read on

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Job Opportunity: Planning Manager for the Ecological Land Cooperative

The Ecological Land Cooperative (ELC) is looking for a part time Planning Manager to Research, write and submit planning applications for the ELC low impact smallholding clusters; and Campaign for … Read on

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Taking Stock of UK Dairy Farming in 2019

A system that has seen milk reduced to a mere commodity will inevitably see it traded as such. A complete change is required to persuade the younger generation to buy dairy. Read on

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The battle for the future of farming: what you need to know

This article, by Michel Pimbert and Colin Anderson (Centre for Agroecology Water and Resilience, Coventry University) was published in The Conversation, Nov 18 2018 It is widely agreed that today’s … Read on

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The research agenda we really need

A modest proposal from Colin Tudge The science and technologies that governments like Britain’s choose to promote, either by encouraging corporate research or at taxpayers’ expense, is often not what … Read on

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The Joys of The Table

Against the worthy backdrop of all that was discussed at The Real Farming Conference it is almost apologetically that I tell you that my food resolution for 2019 relates to how I set the table, but please indulge me! Read on

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