The Re-Generation Launches at the Port Eliot Festival this week – Colin Tudge one of the speakers

The Re-Generation will be launching at Port Eliot Festival in Cornwall UK (July 25-28), with several events over three days, featuring Russell Brand, Colin Tudge, Bruce Parry, Shane Mauss, Amanda Feilding, Jojo Mehta, and others. Please see programme and ticket options here.

Colin Tudge will be in conversation with The Re-Generation Founder, Rory Spowers, on Friday July 26 on enlightened agriculture and regenerative farming

This about Re-Generation

Respect, Restore, Regenerate

The Re-Generation will highlight people and projects for ‘systems change’ in six definitive areas — Food, Health, Economics, Community, Culture and Consciousness.

By bringing together world luminaries and thought leaders in all these key areas, The Re-Generation will present a series of dialogues, debates and panels at festivals, gatherings and other events around the globe.

All of these will be made available as audio and video recordings onto this one platform, along with podcasts and other original content.

Every living cell on the planet, from micro-organisms in the soil and phytoplankton in the oceans, to the cells of our very bodies, the tallest redwood trees and the largest mammals, are now threatened by human activity – by the waste products we have created and which cannot safely be sequestered by natural processes within the time frames required.

While phasing out the industries that are inherently out of step with natural processes, can we actively implement new processes and technologies that are inherently regenerative by design, thereby restoring resilience to the biosphere, regenerating biodiversity, habitats and communities around the globe, through a combination of circular economics; decentralised, bioregional governance; restorative ecological design; regenerative farming and renewable energy technologies? And if so, how will this be possible?



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