Darren Doherty teaching at Ragmans Farm June 18-21

A great opportunity to learn from one of the leading teachers in regenerative farming, combining the disciplines of Keyline Planning, Holistic Management, perennial planting, building carbon in the soil, mapping, and market access.

This from Ragmans Farm website:

Regenerative farming has been developed by key people over the last 70 years such as P A Yeomans, Bill Mollison, Alan Savory, Jairo Restrepo, and Andre Voisin, and is now becoming recognised as the key tool in combatting climate change.  Darren Doherty has bought together their thinking into a cohesive programme that enables farmers to plan profitable enterprises that are not only resilient in the face of a changing climate, but help build soil carbon, rehydrate landscapes and create diverse systems . His work is based on solid practical experience across a wide range of production.

Farm Planning outcomes 

1. Produce stable environments with sound watersheds
2. Restore profitability via integrated & regenerative agricultural development & management
3. Increase wildlife species, numbers with species & stability of populations
4. Improve water, soil & vegetation resources of cities, industry & agriculture
5. Re-establish riverine & riparian areas
6. Prevent waste of financial, human & natural resources
7. Entrench regenerative design & living principles within the education system, communities & organisations
8. Develop viable decentralised energy production systems
9. Restore local, regional & global mineral & water cycles
10. Provide value to our collaborators, course participants, clients & community

His current tour is taking in NZ, France, Spain, the UK, Sweden, Uruguay, Brazil, Chile  and Mexico. The course is aimed at commercial farms, but of interest to anyone wishing to learn more about regenerative farming and healing landscapes.

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