Brexit: Government’s environmental plans

According to the Brexit Civil Society Alliance, the Commons Environmental Audit Committee has concluded that

“[T]he Government’s environmental plans fail to replace one-third of EU laws. . .

The UK could be left with gaping holes in environmental laws allowing polluters to go unpunished and depriving wildlife of vital protection after Brexit, warns the Environmental Audit Committee in the House of Commons. Following a report from the Committee, the Government’s response shows that there is no confirmation that the new environmental watchdog will hold all public bodies to account, whether climate change will be in its remit or how it will exact enforcement. Nor the Government’s response commit to replacing the one-third of EU environmental legislation (air, waste, water, chemicals) that cannot be copied and pasted into UK law through the EU (Withdrawal) Act. It also makes clear that no devolved administration has agreed to the proposal of a UK wide body to replace the role of the European Commision and European Environment Agency.”

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