Economics of Happiness Conference, Bristol, Oct 19-21 2018

Set to coincide with the Annual Summit of the Global Parliament of Mayors “The Economics of Happiness” will be the eighteenth international conference run by Local Futures aimed at catalyzing a new economy that works for both people and planet.

The conference is co-hosted with Happy City (UK) – an NGO focused on place-based models of change that put the wellbeing of people first. The event will bring together diverse groups and individuals who are searching for real solutions to the growing crises we face – from endless financial insecurity to epidemics of anxiety and depression, from climate change to the erosion of democracy.

There will be plenary talks, films, workshops and open space discussions, the aim being to look beyond single-issue approaches and the outdated theater of Left/Right politics to explore the power of systemic change at both the community and policy level.

Tickets cost between £79 and £149 – early bird and bursary tickets are available

Moving Beyond Business-As-Usual Economics
Place-Based Planning & Development
Liveable Cities
Healthy Food Economies
Tackling The Roots of Depression
New Indicators of Progress

Jonathan Dimbleby (UK)

BBC presenter of current affairs, political radio and TV, author and historian


Andrew Simms (UK)
new economics veteran and co-founder of the New Weather Institute

Michael Shuman (US)
Economist, attorney, author and globally recognized expert on local finance

Helena Norberg-Hodge (Sweden/Australia)
Director, Local Futures, author of Ancient Futures and producer of The Economics of Happiness

Liz Zeidler (UK/Australia)
Chief Executive of Happy City and facilitator of transformative learning

George Ferguson (UK)
Former mayor of Bristol, People & Cities, Bristol’s first International Ambassador

Colin Tudge (UK)
Journalist, defender of local food economies; founder of the College for Real Farming and Food Culture

Stephan Harding (UK)
Deep ecologist, coordinator of holistic science at Schumacher College

Mike Zeidler (UK)
Director of Development, Happy City, founder of Modoto and the Association of Sustainability Practitioners

Anja Lyngbaek (Denmark/Mexico)
Associate Programs Director at Local Futures and new economy activist

Stewart Wallis (UK)
Former director of New Economics Foundation and co-founder of the Wellbeing Economy Alliance

Andrew Kelly (UK)
Director of Bristol Cultural Development Partnership and Bristol Festival of Ideas

Shankari Raj (Sri Lanka/UK)
Rebel architect, community activist and director of the Nudge Group

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