Public money for public goods: what is it, and is it “good” for real farming?

Sustain have produced this briefing on Public Money for Public Goods as a way of supporting farming beyond Brexit and the end of CAP

They would like to see Public Good including support for:

  • A new, universally available Land Management Support scheme with three elements: a menu of outcomes; an organic scheme; and a whole-farm scheme. Specific LMS strands would be available to boost agro-forestry, extensive pasture-based livestock, horticulture; new entrants and succession planning. There is a strong case for front loading and/or capping payments to use the support wisely;
  • Sustainable business, capital and infrastructure support with specific help for smaller farm businesses;
  • A new publicly funded programme of low-cost advice and support for a farmer-to-farmer advisory network.

They also want to see public health added as a public good:

“Recognition of public health as a public good could help pave the way for beneficial improvements to farming standards, investment of public money and publicly supported research and development.”

Comments very welcome!

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