South Indian farmers raising awareness of their plight

This from Tom Wakeford about “a wonderful initiative in South India” that needs your support:

Smallholder farmers of Badampet village in Telangana, India, like thousands across the country, have lost control over their resources and food over the last few years, resulting in crippling debt and suicide amongst people in rural areas.

Now twenty farmers from Badampet, cutting across diverse ages, genders castes, communities and religions have come together with members of the Kudali Intergenerational Learning Centre. Together they have devised a play depicting their crisis.

As part of the India’s Food Sovereignty Alliance, they have achieved this without funding from large NGOs and thus have build their autonomy and independence of any particular top-down agendas. I was part of a team associated with People’s Knowledge that helped obtain a small amount for them to develop the play and perform it in their village from the Arts and Humanities Research Council. However, their funds to further develop and perform the play as part of a wider movement-building process are now almost exhausted.

You can view a rather beautiful appeal film by Bob Sternberg (and, if you are able, make a donation towards future performances across the state), here:

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