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Aquaponics, high-tech swill, GMOs and robots: context is all

thoughts from Colin Tudge Scientists and technologists, especially those involved in controversial enterprises, are wont to claim that science and technology are politically and morally neutral. What makes them good … Read on

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AgriFood Atlas 2017

Compiled by the Heinrich Böll Foundation, The Rosa Luxemburg Foundation, and Friends of the Earth Europe, this AgriFood Atlas is a must read! As the introduction states: “The contrast could … Read on

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RSPB’s report on potential impacts of Brexit for farmers

This from the latest RSPB newsletter (October 2017): “Brexit is expected to affect farming more than most sectors of the economy. Yet over 70% of the UK is farmed and … Read on

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New research on livestock farming and climate change shows the need to assess on an individual basis

This research was published in  The Journal of Cleaner Production by McAuliffe G.A., Takahashi T., Orr R.J., Harris P., Lee M.R.F. (October 30 2017). Press release as follows (Bristol University): … Read on

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Brexit: it’s not too late to act! Join the Repeal Bill Alliance

This from The Alliance: It’s not too late to act – and if civil society comes together we can make our voices heard. That’s what the Alliance is here to do … Read on

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A British Halloween

I’ve come to hate Halloween with the adoption of American traditions such as Trick or Treat. If you have children you will find it hard to fight against, but perhaps reintroducing some of our own traditions will help. Read on

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The (not very good) art of the impossible

A response to Peter Kindersley’s observation on economics following my article in Colin’ Corner, “Radicals vs. Conventionals, Part II” Peter wrote: “At the base of what you are saying Colin … Read on

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Maple Field Milk re-starting in March 2018: exciting opportunities!

Nick Snelgar, founder of Maple Field Milk, writes: Where do you get your milk from?  Do you have any idea which part of the country the cow is milked in?  … Read on

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ORFC 2018: tickets now on sale

Next year’s Oxford Real Farming Conference takes place on Thursday January 4 and Friday January 5 2018. Tickets are now on sale. Once again, we’re offering bargain prices -  £60 … Read on

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Major new study reports huge loss of flying insects

This study measuring the decline in flying insects, took place over 27 years in 63 nature protection areas in Germany.  The researchers estimate that there has been “a seasonal decline … Read on

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