Michael Gove’s plans for an environmental watchdog post Brexit

This from a media announcement over the weekend.

The proposed environmental watchdog “. . .will be seen partly as an attempt by Mr Gove, another key Brexiteer, to  restate the positive case for Britain’s departure from the EU.

. . . Mr Gove says that the European laws that will be enshrined are “not enough” without the oversight of an “environmental watchdog” – a role currently played by the European Commission.

While the Commission has been “far from perfect”, he says, Britain has secured rules and protocols that “protect important habitats and endangered species”.

“I want to preserve the gains we have made,” he states, adding that outside the EU Britain can become the “world-leading curator” of the planet. Mr Gove pledges to launch a consultation on the plans “by early next year”.

. . . “We will consult on using the new freedoms we have to establish a new, world-leading body to give the environment a voice and hold the powerful to account.  “It will be independent of government, able to speak its mind freely. And it will be placed on a statutory footing, ensuring it has clear authority.”

So it’s going to be independent of Government.  But where will food and farming figure?  Let’s hope Michael Gove pays attention to the needs of “real farming” – that he includes key people from real farming on his statutory body, and takes account of what’s being said by for example Colin Tudge (see his piece in August on this website), and the Landworkers Alliance

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