Aquaponics, high-tech swill, GMOs and robots: context is all

One thought on “Aquaponics, high-tech swill, GMOs and robots: context is all

  1. Thanks for a thought provoking article – particularly as we have just created an urban indoor hydroponic vertical farm in Leeds!
    I can accept that this type of tech solution can be usefully viewed as a response to the current limitations of how as a society we manage food production. I doubt that anyone (apart from gullible VCs) believes that it can replace traditional agriculture or even that such an outcome would be desirable. It is up to us as citizens to ensure that tech is harnessed for good (on the input and output sides) – and that’s what we are attempting to do. As a last note, your point about lamb’s lettuce made me smile: this tech is still (relatively) new and like lots of new tech it sharpens it teeth on the wealthy first – I’m not unhappy that they are prepared to pay for the development of a tech that can benefit many over time.

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