The (not very good) art of the impossible

2 thoughts on “The (not very good) art of the impossible

  1. A characteristically magisterial response Colin. Just splendid ~ replete with illuminating cogency. Very few possess such broad-based, erudite skills, and the inestimable virtue of dispensing with (not just dispensing) irrelevant bullshit ~ a tendency that invariably amounts to artfully dodging the otherwise “difficult bits.”

    I am a shameless enthusiast for your rapier wit and peerless maturity of mind. If only Pablo P. were still around to enjoy such wisdom. At least we can confidently now claim, that one fluently English-speaking member of our distinguished gender has achieved the distinction of humbly elucidating the fundamental mysteries of Zero, 1, 2 and 3, with exemplary adequacy. Bravo maestro! This is an ineffable banquet, tastefully prepared, brimming with nourishing relevance…

    …more than enough, Id say, to satisfy any wholesome appetite, especially those appreciative of the culinary skill that satisfies by restoring the capacity to seek more, by judiciously avoiding satiety.

    So far as rocking the boat goes, I may be incurably optimistic, & unless it is simply an evolutionary law of intelligence, but it seems to me Oxford and its university has more than it’s statistically distributed share of highly commendable, progressive luminaries…or maybe it’s just that they get noticed more, although, ‘naturally’ enough, not necessarily heeded sufficiently to warrant our nation’s off-shore magnates, from investing heavily in such an apparently successful politico-pedagogical paradigm.

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