Maple Field Milk re-starting in March 2018: exciting opportunities!

Nick Snelgar, founder of Maple Field Milk, writes:

Where do you get your milk from?  Do you have any idea which part of the country the cow is milked in?  Do you in fact know which country it was milked in? Would you like to know, and for ever be certain where you staple food comes from and who produces it?

Under the massive milk duopoly that exists in Britain, we have no idea of the farm, the country, let alone the cow our milk comes from. Do you know how your milk is processed to make it safe for you to drink?

Maple Field Milk was founded four years ago in Martin village. Its prime purpose is to provide a delicious, totally traceable, utterly fresh (24 hours old instead of eight days) alternative source of milk.

Maple Field Milk is a community owned business and is run as a co-operative.  Our aim is to connect the customer directly to the dairy farm.

Owing to a Planning Dispute with our local authority (New Forest District Council) we have put the business on’ pause’  while we find new premises.  That premises has already been found.  We wish to restart in March 2018.  We are in the process of raising fresh capital.  The business is set to double in size over the next five years.

We are looking for a person or persons to provide fresh energy and leadership. Good rates of pay.  This person or persons would be tasked with developing the business to the next level by increasing our customer base and adding new products to the range such as yoghurt and ice-cream.

It is a very exciting project.  Please apply to Nick Snelgar  01725519202 / 07811726934




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