New Brexit food briefing from well-known Profs Lang, Marsden & Millstone

These three aren’t known for pulling their punches.  So enjoy the read of A Food Brexit: time to get real (published today, July 17) – and hopefully you’ll feel inspired to back their recommendations and call for HM Government to:

- give a policy commitment to a modern, low-impact, health-oriented UK food system, and set out how that will be achieved, with or without Food Brexit;

- create a new statutory framework for UK food, which we term ‘One Nation Food’;

- link this new statutory UK food framework to the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the 2015 Paris Climate Change agreements (known as COP21);

- set new clear targets for UK food security (food supply, quality, health and consumption) which go beyond mere quantity of supply by addressing ecosystems and social systems resilience;

- create a new National Commission on Food and Agricultural Policy to provide oversight and review, and to be a source of advice trusted by the public;

- make a clear and explicit commitment to address food matters in the Brexit negotiations which (bizarrely) has not been given;

- include in the above a continued but reconstituted, co-operative set of arrangements with the EU food agencies with regard to regulatory synergies in food trade and standards;

- develop an approach to food policy which is politically open and socially inclusive

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