Oxford Real Farming Conference 2018: call for session ideas

Next year’s Oxford Real Farming Conference takes place on the 4th & 5th January in Oxford Town Hall.

Time to start thinking about the contents of the programme!

When we asked for your ideas this time last year, the UK had recently voted to leave the European Union. This time the Queen’s speech has informed us that a specific Agriculture Brexit Bill will now be created, lobbied and debated during the coming parliament. We also know that Brexit will bring further uncertainty around issues including farm support, GM crops and agricultural imports.

Such troubled times call for new ideas and new thinking. And that is just what ORFC has and always will be about.

This year, we are looking for ideas for sessions around the following themes:

  • Farm Practice – new ideas and best practice in agroecological farming methods
  • The Big Ideas – what truly needs to be changed to bring about the Agrarian Renaissance
  • Growing and Supporting – ideas and initiatives to better support what we’ve got and grow the sector
  • The Brexit Room –we have a once in a generation chance to influence and shape food and farming policy
  • Food Sovereignty– ideas and best practice for building food sovereignty both in the UK and globally.
  • Funding – ideas and best practice on finance that works for food and farming
  • Good Science, Good Research: What kind of science does “real farming” really need? What is actually being done?

If you have an idea for a session you would like to run along one or more of these themes then please send us the following information:

  1. A brief description of the session
  2. Who will chair it and other contributors that you hope to involve
  3. How you will engage the audience in your session

Session structure

This year we are really keen to move away from the lecture and panel discussion approach and engage all participants more in the discussions and debates. So, we are asking you not only to propose a session but to say how you will structure it. Not in detail at this stage, but we want to know how you will engage your audience in your event. Some subjects require a lecture/Q&A approach; but many don’t. And we want to have a diversity of approaches and a diversity of speakers and chairs.

The deadline for submissions is Friday 4th August, 2017

Please send your ideas by email to info@orfc.org.uk

If you have any questions or would like to discuss your idea with us before making your submission then please contact us on info@orfc.org.uk

Timeline and what happens next

If your session has been selected for inclusion you will hear from us in early September.

Every year we have around 3 applications for each slot available so if you have not heard from us by the 15th September then unfortunately your session has not been selected.

with many thanks – and we look forward to hearing from you

The Oxford Real Farming Conference Team

Clare, Hannah, Katharine, Nessie, Robert and Ruth

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