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The latest news and “political comment” from Nick Snelgar.  Demand for his milk is rising so he’s looking for investors to help build up the dairy.  Do get in touch if you can help – contact

Many programmes and articles bemoan the fact that production of interesting things is shrinking in Britain, and disappearing or going ‘off shore’.  Why is this?

We all love strawberries.  Once the Vale of Evesham held 1000 acres of fruit.  Now only one farm remains mainly because it diversified into ‘glamping’.

The Vale of Blackmoor to the south of Shaftesbury hosted 1000 dairy farms. Not now.  We all love milk.  It is in every fridge in the land.

Now you can buy cheap strawberries from Senegal and cheap, sloshy milk from Poland.  Does it matter?

You have to marvel at our climate and our soils and our ability to grow just about everything.  But then the cheapness of everything is allowed and encouraged to compete directly with that ability.  Our cleverness and connectiveness with all the world is allowed and encouraged to take over.

Strawberries from Senegal. If you asked anybody………. “Would you like your strawberries to be grown next door or in Senegal”?….They would say “Next door”.  Only the price and the smooth intervention by a supermarket buyer ensures that your strawberry can NOT be picked next door.  And the price difference is made possible because we are prepared to quite openly steal someone else’s labour……..oh……..and their precious water.

And with milk – you hear the monotones of the Dairy Chief Adviser to the industry telling us nothing about the future.  He stares into his statistical tea-leaves and remains largely silent.  Global trade in milk is a nonsense. Why would dairy farmers be encouraged to look for markets overseas?  All these  countries  are perfectly capable of growing their own milk.  Even Saudi Arabia manages somehow.

It is all meaningless Henley-on-Thames rowlocks.

Once more become involved in producing the things you consume.  Join Maple Field Milk.

We, at last, have become a registered supplier with Cool Milk.  They control and pay for the supply of free school milk to the under 5s. We have started to sell to local schools.  Odstock Day Nursery is our first and we are very excited.

Pigs are coming back onto the holding to soak up the waste milk and to keep us amused.

Nunton Farm is rolling up round bales of hay which they then leave out in the kale field for the winter feed for the outwintered spring calvers……….What a fantastic system. The milking herd is in Bungalow field today (very little upstairs).

Our cows in the water meadow at Laverstock (Riverbourne Community Farm) have had their nails done. The four redpolls have joined the group and they look fab.  The bail is getting a coat of paint.

We can’t wait to start milking.

Nick Snelgar

July 20 2016

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