Farming, Food and Brexit: Discussion Paper from Tim Lang and Victoria Schoen

What we’ve all been waiting for:  a thorough appraisal of the pros and cons of staying in the EU from the point of view of “enlightened agriculture”.

Tim Lang and Victoria Schoen have produced a 40 page report, including a summary of the key issues at stake in the June 23 vote.

They invite you to circulate the briefing — far and wide.

3 thoughts on “Farming, Food and Brexit: Discussion Paper from Tim Lang and Victoria Schoen

  1. Hope this reaches you Colin and Ruth as I was talking to Maddy Harland (Permaculture Magazine) this morning see the conversation here

    where she asked me if I thought you’d be interested in her recent work on the Commonwealth Climate Restoration Manifesto, so I suggested she contact you both here on this website…

    …so I trust she manages to get in touch, as I am looking forward to the ORFC after missing last year, all the very best from David in Hartland

  2. Hello there! Being an interested and enthused follower of all things ‘real farming’ for some time, and coming to a realisation that I wish more than anything to find a way of helping and becoming further involved in agriculture, I have a few questions to put, in faith, to you guys:
    If I were to take a Masters in this field, can you signpost any institutions or courses that you feel correlate best with your vision. (?)
    The range of research that might underpin this movement must surely be expansive. But do certain areas seem more in need of illumination?
    Any support and advice for future students of the areas pertaining to an agragrian renaissance most welcome.

    Merry Christmas x

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