How farming can lead the world out of its present mess

One thought on “How farming can lead the world out of its present mess

  1. This is the most wonderful concise piece of writing about our farming issues that I have ever read. Thank you Colin Tudge. My father was a tenant farmer in Leicestershire and was told by a government official that he was inefficient. He was highly skilled, could lay a big thorn hedge making it not only stock proof, the most important thing, but beautiful as well, with no other tools than a good sharp ( a skill on its own) axe and billhook, getting his own winders and stakes out of the same hedge. He could keep an out side hayrick dry ( and again beautiful) all winter with his thatching skills. His grassland management was up to today’s standards as were his veterinary skills. He farmed all his life ( from the age of seven) and to my knowledge did not have a single day off work until 1956 when he was 50 years old. ( I was 16 and remember it well as I was left in charge of the farm) Sadly those days have gone and humanity has taken a very wrong course. Animals are not machines they should not be treated as such, as they so often are these days ( days gone by as well, by some)Colin has given me hope for the world. What can I do to help?

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