Maple Field Milk – Rapid Response to Dairy Crisis

This is the Rapid Response Unit (RRU) of Maple Field. I have just overheard the  dairy rep of the National Farmer’s Union – Ms Davis.  I have just heard her sawing hopelessly at her violin while her dairy farmers go to the milking shed wall.  I have just overheard her on Radio 4’s PM with Eddy, the have-no-nonsense presenter.  At least I suppose the disappearing dairy industry has made it to the top studios just before it reaches vanishing point. That’s a good thing.  No-one mentions FAIR TRADE DAIRY.  The retail Consortium weedle out of it by blaming the Russians.  Ms. Davis trots out meaningless stats about the ‘cost of production’ as if that was a finite figure that everyone agrees on.  What other industry defends itself with such a  weak argument?  Can the cost of producing a Peugeot be in any way matched or compared with the cost of producing a Nissan. Finally Ms Davis tells us to “Look for the Red Tractor on all products” and the Dairy farmers will miraculously be paid a good price for their precious milk.

Maple Field Milk has a colourful splodge on its label which says  LOCAL & FAIR. That’s the ticket.  Stop talking nonsense about world prices.  Stop staring over the horizon at the Chinese and the Indians like tall-ship sailors searching for landfall.  Get back to the difficult bit. Sell your fresh local product ‘direct’ to the consumer.  Also………..  milk is sold in litres in the modern era.  Why would anybody be interested in the cost of a ‘pint’?

Is that clear from the RRU?

Achievements of the week . . . . New windscreen wipers on the van;  another milk round started;  another roundsperson recruited;  another ice cream maker using only Maple Field milk and cream and a storm of rain on our fab new meadow. Keep on dairy farming!

Nick Snelgar

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