Maple Field Milk – Autumn Calves

22nd August 2015

Ten new customers last week. 16 new calves borne at Nunton. Is there a link? Logan the calf rearer is back. Small paddocks around the milking shed are clustered with pregnant mothers on the count-down. Simon of Nunton recites his litany of grass.  Grass does not mind the rain.

I leave the farm at 8.05 with 900 litres of fresh milk in my tank.  By 8.20 I am connecting the pipe to the pasteuriser at Maple Field.  It is that fresh and that quick.  The cream separator is humming on its new rubber mounting blocks from the Black Country.  The orange arc of cream dabbles into the bucket at a steady rate.

Would you believe………the seed company that provides Simon of Nunton with new grass seed has contacted us for fresh milk deliveries to their offices nearby. The circle is complete. He grows the precious seed and delivers it to Nunton farm. They take it; drill it and grow it. The cows graze it. The frothy fresh-as-a-daisy milk is delivered straight back to their offices to nourish them while they grow more seed. What could be more exciting (worth a serious ‘google’- Bright Seeds).

Souad Massi singing ‘O Houria’ (Liberty) quite lovely and Myrtle is quite lovely with the evening sun on her back – and the rain…..we like the rain. Our new meadow is waiting for us. We walk it; measure it; still can’t quite believe it. Stare at the view of the church spire. View of  nine hundred years with our tiny contribution stamped on it in dung; in words; in physical energy; and in fun.  Fresh local milk will once more flow from the chalk strewn pastures straight into the local fridges.

We may have clinched a big and essentially fab customer. We’ll know on Wednesday. More next week and more on our new recruit and what it means for the future. I now already need a head torch in the mornings to decipher deliveries. Season is moving on.

Tune into Bail FM.

Nick Snelgar

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