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July 26 2015

Have you lost a ferret?

This is the bright yellow notice that greeted me  at 7.30 on Monday of last week on the door of Whiteparish shop.  Immediately those early sleepy people gathering their milk and papers joined me in convulsive laughter. This desperate appeal to the Parish of Whiteparish…… Have you Lost a Ferret? Wouldn’t you know if you had lost a ferret? I ask you……

Fatoumata Diawara singing ‘Wilie’ (with an e-acute which I don’t know how to do on this machine) has become the obsession of the moment on Bail FM. Much to the annoyance of Myrtle.  Our cows are soon to be joined by another nine from another place. These fresh cows are brown and foreign and used to ‘transhumance’ (going up into the mountains in the summer). We shall have to transhume them through the village from Maple Field to their new fields at the other end of the Parish with the parson on hand to bless their passage and the gardeners at the ready to protect their roses.

Can you believe it? A dairy farmer near here, over the border in Wiltshire, is being paid by  his processor an unbelievable 14p per litre for his raw milk. The writing must be on the milking shed wall. We have to call out this matter.  Not so much a ‘Spot Market’………..more a ‘Spot- the-Shyster’.

Nunton cows are grazing in Pumphouse and Gulliver’s field swishing about in the rain-soaked grass. I can smell the meadow sweet on the air as I pass.  This is farming.

Nick Snelgar

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