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May 13

Caroline of the Borough Café, Downton (Wiltshire) actually phoned up Simon of Nunton (theologian of grass) and dairy farmer who provides her milk through us, to ask whether the protein levels were down this week. This affects the coffee machine as it forces milk into the cup at 12 bar pressure. This is what goes on in Downton. Instead of phoning the coffee machine engineer she can phone the farmer for advice. How many coffee houses in Britain can do that? This highlights the link we form between customer, coffee drinker and farmer. This must be the answer.

We have a new price to construct Milking Bail – 2 (the Marcus) with fully galvanised chassis; Honda engine to drive the milk pump; slightly raised base to ease the backs of the milkers; built-in Bail FM;  and this one comes with stainless steel, two wheel bowser to haul milk back to the Dairy ……..all for the sum of £12,400 plus Vat. Detailed drawings available. Hurry to place your order with MAPLE FIELD MANUFACTURING.

Sandle Heath shop have joined the Fair Trade dairy community with milk deliveries three times a week.  Doorstep deliveries start in earnest on May 18th. We are recruiting for Roundspeople. It is urgent. Hurry to become part of this new food business.

We are looking for an enthusiast/business partner/benefactor/patron to join us in order to open this dairy system to a wider audience all over Britain. Would you like to be that person?

The new chef (Dean) at the Inn at Cranborne is making salted caramel ice cream using 50% of our double cream with 50% whole milk. It is the Cranborne symphony.
TB tests passed. No illness. Thank heavens.

Nick Snelgar

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