Maple Field Milk – What Help Can the Government Give?

The Nunton cows are well and truly out on the steep field under the wood, spreading out, and ankle deep in dew laden spring grass.  That is a wonderful sight.

What is not quite so wonderful is the gross indifference shown towards the herdsmen of these graduated magicians cruising across the slope turning fresh grass into the world’s leading energy drink.

What help can the government give to the hard pressed dairy farmer?

If the market says ‘no’. The dairy processors ARE the market. They tell us that 15% (only!) of all milk products are traded outside Britain. This gives them the excuse to play ‘world market’ wringing of hands.

The processors go to Westminster to meet Liz Truss (Secretary of State for DEFRA) and the bankers. They all gather together and say “…here,here….” and leave the meeting with  no intention of releasing the half-Nelson they have over the dairy farmers.

Nothing works. Every fridge has milk in it.  Think about that.

If I produce milk I want to control what happens to it.  Who in their sound mind would give it to someone else to process and sell? Whose milk is it? Who is the most important person in milk?

Nick Snelgar.

March 11 2015

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