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8th November 2014

Well.….Winterbourne Shop took a crate of Maple Field Milk three weeks ago and now we are supplying 60 litres a week and rising.  Mole Country Stores started in the same way – eager to provide and support ‘Fair Trade’ to dairy farmers at Nunton Farm,  near Salisbury from which we draw all of our fresh local milk.  Our customers know that if they buy a carton of Maple Field Energy drink they are directly purchasing and supporting FAIR TRADE DAIRY. We pay Nunton Farm 40p per litre.  The average from the three main processors in Britain is 30p or less. None of the big three processors would speak to BBC Countryfile programme  two weeks ago when they did a feature on the plight of the modern dairy farmer and his rubbish prices.  We weren’t asked!  Join us at FREE RANGE FAIR TRADE DAIRY and bring about a consumer led procession back to the farm, back to the fields, back to where it comes from……..

While you are doing that, listen to Oliver Mtukudzi and the Black Spirits from Harare, Zimbabwe (which was once called Salisbury so there’s the link) and you will smile.

‘Simply Fresh’ have opened a fab store in Downton owned and run by Mrs Local – Meg Taylor – and they only stock Maple Field.  They love it.  The nearest dairy farm is Nunton Farm.  We step in between and bottle it and there you are ……extremely ‘fresh local milk’ with hardly the sniff of diesel on a food mile.

Then there is Phoenix Stores, Devizes Road, Salisbury, gradually training their customers in the great taste of un-homogenised milk and the crate numbers climbing by the week. I am so grateful to Peter and Pam for taking on this unknown battle for freshness with such enthusiasm.

The crowd grows.  The society of fresh milk drinkers widens.  The community of grass-fed people (indirectly) becomes a congregation and then a natural gathering of humans around an agricultural led movement.

How fantastic that I can be delivering fresh local milk within 10 miles of Maple Field whilst listening to KEXP-SEATTLE  RADIO  broadcasting songs by Oliver Mtukudzi from Harare. What a wonderful world wide era to live through.

We had our annual EHO hygiene inspection this week.  We passed with top marks. Now we move to a position where the milk need only be tested by Public Health England every six months. We have elected to continue to be tested every month for the absolute safety of our customers using our fresh ‘ready-to-eat’ food.

Nunton Farm cows cross the road as they go back to the meadow. The traffic waits and wonders. Now the waiting motorists are mainly drinking the milk of the cows crossing. FAIR TRADE DAIRY will make sure this absolutely lovely site continues for ever. They ramble slowly over towards the quietly flowing River Ebble.  Cows still out in November……go for it Nunton.

Nick Snelgar

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