Guide to Cooperative Farming: Frameworks for Farming Together

Written for the Greenhorns, “a non-traditional grassroots non-profit organization made up of young farmers and a diversity of collaborators”, this is a comprehensive guide to farming together — setting up collaborative businesses. Everything’s covered: from legal frameworks to conflict resolution. As the compiler of the guide, Faith Gilbert, explains: “There are collaborative enterprises corresponding to virtually every component of farming. The question to start with is, “How do I want to work with other people?” This guide addresses two main categories for working together. In the first, several separate businesses share access to resources and services, like marketing, equipment, and labor. In the second category, individuals work together to form one farm operation with multiple owners, such as a worker cooperative.” “It’s clear that we face common challenges. It’s also clear that by working together, we get more than just a solution to a problem: we get solidarity.”

The guide can be downloaded here

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