Oxford Real Farming Conference Job Opportunity

We’re looking for a Marketing and Media Consultant to join our conference team We need someone to develop and implement this year’s communications plan, writing compelling copy from briefings from the team, leading on marketing across all channels (to include audio, photo, video footage) before/during/after the event, generating press coverage, recruiting and managing social media volunteers, liasing with AV team to generate best content, reporting and making recommendations for next year. Start date October 2014 to January 2015 (conference dates are 6th-7th January 2015). One to two days a week, up to a maximum of 25 days, at £120 per day. Self-employed. Excellent briefing document to work from. To apply: send your CV and a single side A4 proposal setting out what you think our needs are, what work you would offer and the timescale to Ruth West at ruthwest@gn.apc.org. Deadline for applications: 4pm on 27th September 2014

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